Website vs Facebook page: is it worth to have both?

Giuseppe Egitto - 7 Feb, 2018

Some years ago, the first step every business had to face to revamp was creating a website.


With the boom of Facebook, I found myself managing social network profiles and websites together, but I also had to spend money and time on both.

In the 2000s, if I wanted to reach new customers with my websites, I had to invest a lot of money in Google advertising service, AdWords, though this forced me to compete with major companies.


I felt like a gold fish swimming among sharks.


When in 2014 I began to test Facebook (read more in the first article),  I immediately realized it was a dynamic tool allowing me to interact directly with my clients, unlike the site where I could only upload static info about my business.

Aware of this potential, I applied the same strategy to Sandro Ferrone Licata, a clothing franchise of mine in Sicily, which became one of the brand’s flagship stores.


My goal is to make your Facebook page the main reference point with your customers


Keeping them always updated with your business and creating a climate of trust and familiarity is the key to success that will also allow you to increase your turnover.

You can achieve these results together with Saally, which will lead you to make your page:

  • updated on your business offers, news and behind the scenes
  • engaging, making you feel closer to your customers’ needs
  • the spokesperson for your company’s identity on Facebook!


I told you my experiences, now it’s your turn: just answer the survey!

What tool works better for your company?

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P.S. After several attempts, I realized that, nowadays, the most suitable choice between website and Facebook to promote our local businesses is the social network. What’s your experience? Take the survey!