Testing on social media is the key to succeed with your business!

Giuseppe Egitto - 30 Jan, 2018

Always traveling the same road makes us feel more confident, but you have to try new paths to grow your business through social networks.


Once I finished my Master in Social Media Marketing, I had a huge wealth of information at my disposal too, but they weren’t enough by themselves.

Starting from what they had taught me, I knew I should have to:

  • Study my competitors’ strategies
  • Create engaging content
  • Fix an advertising budget
  • Measure the results


Difficulties were round the corner since the first point: looking at successful Facebook pages, I was tempted to imitate their strategy on my companies’ profiles.

Cheating off your classmate leads to nothing!

So I kept getting less likes and comments than my competitors. Anyway, what original content could thrill my users? I realized that focusing just on the offer wasn’t working at all: people wanted to read my companies’ story rather than watching a teleshopping!

So I thought to myself: if I advertise my page a bit, I’ll get more feedbacks.

I learded the hard way that uninteresting content, even if advertised, would never turn into customers. And I couldn’t pay my bills just with some “likes”!

After all this, what results was I supposed to measure? It was a complete mess!


Giving up was out of the question.



I started all over again, racking my brains to find a social media strategy that worked well not just for one, but for the all the different sectors of family businesses. Or I’d never make it out!

Testing post after post, I finally managed to put things right: results started coming!


So, after 3 months of tough sacrifices, you wouldn’t believe the satisfaction of seeing a new customer come and tell me “I found you on Facebook”!


Soon, the tam-tam on social media made my business grow, and when other people asked me how, it just came out to share with them my experiences.

My goal is to make you feel the same emotions in hearing “I found you on Facebook”, increasing your turnover while securing your customers’ loyalty thanks to the sense of community built on social networks.

To help you achieve these goals, with my team we created Saally which, in a little over a month, will allow you to avoid my own mistakes and shorten the time.

With Saally by your side, you’ll get to:

  • Create an editorial plan and a successful communication strategy for your activity;
  • Discover the most exciting topics for your audience;
  • Earn more than you invest in social media;
  • Analyze the achieved results (bet they’ll be outstanding!).


Solution is at hand: let us know your issues, and well’ find the one that fits you best!


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P.S: I learned the hard way that even on social media results don’t come without testing, that’s why I’d like to share with you the attempts that have already led to success many small companies in several sectors. In order to help you, I need you to answer the questions above; only this way, we can start our growth path together with Saally!