Social media can still grow your business

Giuseppe Egitto - 26 Jan, 2018

It’s 2018, but still not everybody sees social media for what they are: a chance of profit.


I’m Giuseppe Egitto and, some years ago, I realized that my family companies were struggling both crisis and competitors’ advent on the web, so I decided to try social network to relaunch them.

The most logic solution seemed to hire professionals in the field, so we sought consultants’ advice (social media managers).

While we could count on a professional support, I personally faced several difficulties: social media strategies demanded a constant financial investment, and, moreover, the consultant wasn’t for free!

Content was also a challenge: my budget was limited, and so was the time consultants would dedicate to me. Since I couldn’t agree with them what or when to post on my page, I felt like a stranger at home.


Market won’t wait


The more time passed, the more I realized I was wasting it – and money too! – for a strategy which required months of investment, while competitors kept getting the better of me.

All this made me feel uninspired, dissatisfied and apathetic.

Time to roll up sleeves!


At this point I decided to study everything related to social networks, taking a Master at Sole24Ore as a Social Media Specialist.

Then I took back my family companies’ profiles, and, applying what I had learned, within 6 months I managed to reach a 40% increase in our turnover.

The success achieved with my companies led me to the go further.

Hearing from different sources, my problem was common, but a practical solution was missing: for this reason, I decided to team up with experts and gave life to Saally which, after 2 years of work, will finally be available on March 5th.


Our mission is to support your business growth, guiding you step by step to take advantage of social media.



In this blog I’ll share with you 100% free all the strategies which allowed me to turn social networks from struggles to keys to succeed.

In the next articles I’ll show you:

  • How I identified and formed social managers within my companies;
  • What content affected more my audience;
  • How I retained and increased my customers, optimizing my budget.


PS: I created this blog for those facing my same problem and willing to grow thanks to social media, keeping up with the times and – why not – tripping over their competitors. If you’re in, follow us Facebook!