Identify your potential customers

Thanks to its smart algorithms, Saally identifies the people most interested in your commercial offer nearby.

You’ll bring more and more people into your business

Now you can reach a wider and more interested audience to become your customer, in a easier way.

You’ll spend less and with more results

You’ll learn for sure how much budget to spend per month to promote your business on Facebook and attract new clients.

No extra charges

The whole budget will be dedicated to reaching people on Facebook. No additional costs!

Saally is the virtual consultant adapting to your needs:

She guides you to promote your company on Facebook

Thanks to her artificial intelligence, Saally analyzes your page identifying your typical client and showing you how many users you could reach on Facebook.

She suggests the best budget for you

Saally assists you in creating similar audiences to your ideal customers by gender, age, location and interest. Therefore, she suggests the monthly budget required to reach them, reducing costs and optimizing visibility.

She gives you full freedom of choice

Saally offers you the most convenient promotion strategy for you, but you’ll always have the last word and, depending on your availability and goals, you can interact with her to adapt her assistance to your needs.

Are you interested in promoting yourself to the best audience for your business?