Our customers’ most frequently asked questions

How would Saally know what I should publish?

Thanks to her 3 smart algorithms, everyday Saally scans thousands pages’ data and, depending on the sector, understands what are the best images, texts, days and times when people are more likely to interact with companies.

How would she suggest me the most effective posts?

Knowing users’ behaviour, a team of experts created over 5,000 tailored tips to suggest you how to take the most captivating photos, write the most engaging texts and the best time to post them, that is when your clients are more active on social media.

How would she make my images unique and different from my competitors?

You’ll take your pictures and choose your images yourself: Saally will help you to make them even more effective with graphic filters and customize them with your logo. With just one click!

How and how much does she recommend me to invest?

Many of your fans are customers in real life. Based on their features – origin, gender, age and interests – Saally identifies people with the same shopping habits on Facebook, and suggests you how to achieve them, splitting your budget in an intelligent way on the content she’s suggested you.

Is there any charge over my investments?

All transactions take place on Facebook, and we don’t apply any fees on your investments. Would you like to know more? Read our terms and conditions.!


How does Saally assist me?

Saally guides you step by step anytime in her app. Plus, she communicates with you on Messenger to keep you updated on your page’s progress and on the activities to perform to achieve better results.

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