Facebook VS other social networks: which one suits your business better?

Giuseppe Egitto - 5 Feb, 2018

Nowadays we’re spoiled for choice: from Facebook to Instagram, passing through Twitter and YouTube up to LinkedIn and Pinterest, there’s plenty of social networks.


Once I got the first results, however, I asked myself: should I limit myself to using just Facebook?

Driven by curiosity, I decided to throw myself on other social networks, thinking to multiply my results.


So, I found myself with many profiles to manage


But not just more pages, I also had more content to create. Help!

As I tried to do everything, my confusion increased. Furthermore, it wasn’t easy to understand the way I’d have to communicate on each channel: what used to be good on Facebook, wasn’t working on other media.

All of this was taking me a lot of time, as I couldn’t keep up with my business no longer: check with the accountant, look after the employees, take care of my customers… I couldn’t let it go!

Lost myself among thousand of social profiles, I couldn’t figure them out, and, moreover, I was losing contact with the people once attracted through Facebook, the only one giving me concrete results.

I had to make a choice


What was the most suitable social network for my business?

I chose to focus on Facebook for two reasons: the first – and my research confirmed it – it was (and still is) the social network with more active users and, therefore, with more potential customers; the second one, it was the one granting me higher revenues.

I tried to improve the strategy for my father’s restaurant, Pakito Jungle Palace, and, day after day, he was himself calling me over and over by phone, happy to tell me how the restaurant was filling up with new customers!

I know, it’s not all about money, but raising up to 40% the turnover was no piece of cake!


My goal is to help you grow your shop, restaurant or business through Facebook, just like I did with my father.


I won’t do all of this alone. Where I can’t, there’ll be Saally and our team helping you to:

  • create the suitable posts for your business, suggesting you the best content to publish;
  • fill your page up with “likes”, comments and shares;
  • turn interactions into customers.


Are you already using social networks to push your business? Which one do you like most? (You can choose up to three):

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P.S. After the first achievements with Facebook, I just got caught up in the excitement and tried to bring my business on other social networks. The result? I lost my former feedbacks.That’s why I decided to focus just on Facebook. And you, what social networks do you use for your business? Take the survey!