Engage your audience

The more you’ll intrigue your fans, the more they’ll become attached to your company and come back to you

An all-around story of your company

You’ll enhance every aspect of your business and make it irresistible in the eyes of your customers.

Never run out of ideas

You’ll always get new tips to create original and exciting posts.

In the right place at the right time
You’ll reach your fans only when they’re online and want to interact with your content

Saally will help you win over your fans:

She gives you personalized advice

Saally suggests you which photos to shoot to portray every aspect of your business and what texts to write to intrigue your audience, who’ll be happier to follow you on Facebook.

She allows you to distinguish yourself

Once taken your picture, Saally allows you to make it truly unique thanks to the integrated graphic tool: you can improve colors and brightness, add your logo so everybody will recognize you and insert custom writings to communicate the message you prefer.

She posts for you

Saally knows when it’s best to publish your post, because, according to the day of the week, she understands what your fans want to read and the time when they’re more active to interact with your content. Once programmed, Saally will post it for you, even if you’re busy.

Do you want more loyal customers for your business?