Is your company on Facebook?

You’ve tried everything to make your business grow with social networks, but still you’re not satisfied with your results.

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You’d like to take advantage of Facebook, but you find yourself in one of these problems:

  • You post a lot, but you don’t know why you get so few likes
  • You seek inspiration from the best, but you can’t reach the same results
  • You thought to amaze your fans with a catch phrase or pic, but reactions were below expectations
  • You invested a few euros to promote a post displayed to thousands of people, but nobody turned into a customer
  • You don’t have the time to follow your page constantly

Giving up on social networks actually means losing money

Think carefully: you’re missing the opportunity to increase your profit by at least 30%.

Grab the calculator: if you bill 10.000 € a month, you could earn 13.000. In other words, you're giving up 3.000 € a month!

Think of what you could do with € 36.000 a year more!

Social media can make a difference!

In such a competitive market, communicate your uniqueness through social networks is the most convenient choice to boost your business.

However, you need the right strategies to succeed!

From Sicily hassle to Milan success

"When I decided to open my Sicilian bistro in Milan, I was aware of the difficulties of establishing myself among hundreds of restaurants, but I had an ace up my sleeve.

My brother Giuseppe, applying his knowledge on social networks, had managed to relaunch the family activity in Sicily suffering from crisis. Moreover, thanks to Saally prototype, he had doubled the turnover of the company in a year.

Inspired by his success, I opened Muddica: working hard, I wanted to bring out my own roots in every dish, collecting excellent feedbacks in a short time .

With Saally by my side , I succeed to reach more and more people through social media, becoming one of the most popular bistros in Milan.

Now, two years after the opening of the first location, I'm ready to launch two more restaurants!"

Adriano Egitto

Spread your company uniqueness and value on Facebook!

Growing up with social media is easier with me by your side

  • I’ll tell you the secrets of Facebook, including the hottest topics to involve your fans more with your posts
  • You’ll increase your revenue because, studying your audience, I’ll tell you how to invest to profit from it
  • You’ll be more free because I’ll plan all your activities on Facebook, saving you time
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With an advanced but user-friendly software always at your disposal on your computer and mobile:

  • you can create and schedule your posts in a simpler and more effective way, because I'll suggest you the most engaging pics and texts for your fans.
  • make your images unique by customizing them with your logo and catchy graphics: you won’t need any other graphics programs!
  • thanks to a complete but intuitive interface, you can monitor your page progress, receiving advice on how to improve your results on Facebook.
  • thanks to my intelligent algorithms, I’ll find out who is really interested in your page, suggesting the budgets to invest in the people most likely to buy.

Not just a program!

I’ll be your virtual consultant and I’ll assist you via chat on Facebook or, if you need, you’ll be in touch to my staff.
And much more!

On the market all these services are worth at least € 5.000/a year

My virtual consulting through Messenger and my advanced software are worth


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Sally's academy

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A unique chance to learn the secrets of Facebook in a simple and immediate way.

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