Find new customers with your Facebook page!

Saally is the virtual consultant guiding local businesses step by step to manage their Facebook page and drive new people to their store.

Identify your potential customers

Thanks to its smart algorithms, Saally identifies the people most interested in your commercial offer nearby.

Engage your audience

Saally’s artificial intelligence identifies the most interesting content for your prospective clients, suggesting which photo to shoot and what to write to capture their attention.

Check your results

You’ll be assisted anytime by your virtual consultant, both in app and on Messenger to improve your results constantly.

A software helping small companies to promote on Facebook in a simple and intuitive way

Always by your side

Saally is an all-around app available on your pc and smartphone, providing a professional and assisted support to manage your Facebook page at 100%, from post creation to adv.

A tailored consultancy

By studying your page public data and users’ interactions on Facebook, Saally suggests you the pictures to shoot and what to write, adapting his advice on your company’s needs.

Designed for local businesses

With its algorithms based on geolocation, Saally helps you identify potential customers close to you, suggesting how to promote yourself to capture their attention and bring them to your company.

Suitable for many sectors

Thanks to her AI, Saally scans what Facebook users are more into and, depending on the sector, can serve several kinds of companies like restaurants, shops, accommodation facilities, consulting firms and more.

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